PFDM i7 TWS True wireless Bluetooth Earbuds earphones Double Twins Headset For iPhone 7 AirPods xiaomi Smartphone




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    • Brand : PFDM
    • Color : White
    • Model Number : PFDM i7
    • Connectivity : Wireless
    • Compatible with : All
    • Type : In Ear
    • Microphone included : Yes
    • Noise Cancelling : Yes
    • Bluetooth pairing name: AFans
    •      Pairing mode: long press the boot blue light flash is the ordinary pairing mode, do not release after starting to continue to press the three seconds to red and blue lights alternately flashing, then tone match, and then enter the binaural pairing state. Bone pairing succeeds after the blue light slow flash.
    •          Beep: Power On Tip: Open
    •       Shutdown Tip: Close
    • Pairing status prompt: pairing
    •       Connection Tip: Your device is disconnected
    • Disconnect Tip: Your device is disconnected
    •       Low power tips: low battery
    •       Key function: long press to turn on, press and hold, press music pause / play / call to answer / hang up, double click on the next song.
    • Charging tips:
    • Headset charging indicator: headset charging red light, the battery is full of red light off.
    • Charging box charging instructions:
    •                  1. Charging box to charge the headset: the green LED lights on the charging box, to the headset is full of green LED lights off.
    •                  2. To charge the charging box: the green LED lights on the charging box, the green LED lights are on when the charging box is full.
    •       Bluetooth version: 4.1 version
    •       Transmission distance: outdoor straight distance of 10-15 meters
    •       Battery capacity: Polymer lithium battery 55mA
    •    Listen to music time: 2.5 hours up and down / pause playback
    •       Talk time: 2 hours
    •       Standby time: 130 hours
    •       Charging time: 1-2 hours
    •       Working current: 22MA
    •       Standby current: 4uA
    •      - Bluetooth level: Level 2 and Level 3
    •     - Band / band: 2.4-2.485 GHz
    •       - Modulation process: GFSK
    • - Maximum transmit power: + 2DBm
    •  Product Specifications: Full set of weight: 131g
    •  Packaging specifications: 10 * 10 * 3.3cm
  • Availability: In Stock

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